Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment FAQs

What is the purpose of the assessment?
To provide the Case Management Team with information to assist in making decisions about student safety.
To determine risk of harm to self, students and/or staff.
To help develop individual safety plans or other supports to keep all students safe.
To support student needs.

How long will it take?
Approximately 2 hours.

Who needs to attend?
At least one parent/guardian and the student must attend.
Both the student and parent will be asked to complete checklists and meet with staff.
If you have access to the internet and email, you may be asked to complete selected checklists through a web site to help save time or for convenience.
You may also call before the evaluation if you have questions.

Who is generally assessed?
Students who have safe school violations.
Students who are victims of a safe school violation.
Occasionally, students who need general psychological assessment, as requested by the Student and Family Resources Department or local administrators.

What is a safe school violation?
Violations of the district safe school policy, including harm to others or self, weapons, fire setting, harassment, sexual misconduct, drug/alcohol use, threats, theft, etc.

What happens to the Summary Notes?
After clinical review by the Safe Schools Clinical Team (SSCT) staff, a copy of the SSCT assessment summary notes is sent to the District Case Management Team for case review.
Results may be discussed with the Local Case Management Team (LCMT).
Results are discussed with parents, as requested.
There are to be no copies in the student's regular or special education files, although test copies may be.
Permission from parents is obtained before anyone other than the school district, courts, or the SSCT staff and consultants may review the results. If you would like a copy of the results sent to a physician, counselor or others, please bring the contact information when you keep the appointment.
Remember that the SSCT does not decide placement or consequences. That is under the purview of the District Case Management Team and/or Local Special Education Team.

What is included in the evaluation?
Review of educational history (grades, discipline, absences, special services, etc.).
School behavioral observations and checklists.
Statements from students, parents and educators regarding the incident.
Student and parent interviews and checklists.
Other assessments related to concerns of the district.
Input is welcome from your personal health and mental health provider if they release information with your permission.
You are encouraged to follow up for evaluation feedback.