Parent Series

Throughout the school year, the Davis School District invites parents and caregivers to join in an anonymous Mental Health Parent Series webinar on the 2nd Wednesday of every month.

DSD Parent Series Image

Upcoming Webinar

The next webinar of the Mental Health Parent Series focuses on "Establishing Healthy Boundaries." Simply scan the QR code to register.

Establishing Healthy Boundaries

Previous Webinars

To watch previous webinars from the parent series, click on the link for the webinar of interest and use the corresponding passcode: 

"Establishing Healthy Boundaries" - Passcode: arSCF!z7

"De-escalating Cycles of Conflict"

"Emotional Regulation: Recognizing What's Wrong" - Passcode: Wj9.e6bp

"Why Our Children Self-Harm" - Passcode: Qe#5cVn5

"Social Media: Protecting Your Child" - Passcode: W@HX$2r&

"Bullying - Stop the Cycle" - Passcode: !XH$2U*X

"How Parents Can Help Prevent Suicide" - Passcode: 9FC#903C

Your Child’s Anxiety” - Passcode: P621T?hS

Additional Resources On-demand resources for parents to learn more about helping their children’s mental well being. The first animated series to tackle mental health and suicide prevention. The mission of the Cook Center is to bring together the best organizations, programs and products to prevent suicide, provide mental health support, and enhance human connections vital for people to thrive.