Team / Organized Recess

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Recess provides several benefits to students including improved fitness, brain functioning, and social interaction. Unfortunately, recess can also be the source of most of the behavior issues in a school. Furthermore, students spend approximately 20% of their school day in recess and P.E.

Schools must find a balance between allowing kids to explore and play freely while providing enough supervision, support, and organization to facilitate positive play and interactions. Several schools within Davis School District have employed various models to employ a balance of both structure and choice. These models are often referred to as "Structured" or "Team" recess.


Team Recess is a great way to incorporate positive behavior supports on the playground. The goal is to help students have a safe outlet to exercise and learn social skills that will be vital as they grow older. Occasionally, there is concern that putting more structure into recess takes away from students' ability to have freedom to play how they want. However, in reality it teaches them prosocial team-building skills and promotes interaction among all students.


"If you want a child to be attentive and stay on task, and also if you want them to encode the information you're giving them in their memory, you've got to give them regular breaks"

Dr. Bob Murray, Ohio State University pediatrician

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