Check-In Check-Out

Student teacher check in

Check-in, check-out is a highly effective research based tier 2 intervention. It consists of students doing the following daily:

  1. checking in with an adult at the start of school to review a goal sheet and encouragement,
  2. teachers provide feedback on the sheet throughout the day,
  3. students check out at the end of the day with an adult, and
  4. the student takes the sheet home to be signed, returning it the following morning at check in.

It is typically done with various types of behavior concerns, though it can be done with academics as well. It is especially effective with students who respond to positive adult attention. District employees can access information and materials on CICO in the Tiered Supports Schools Microsoft Team. You can also watch a 45-minute training on CICO by Dr. Leanne Hawken, one of the lead authors and researchers of CICO. Email Devin Healey ( with questions or to get access to the Microsoft Team.