Family Service Workers

Family Service Workers (FSWs) connect families and parents with the resources they need to support themselves and thrive. They help families identify physical and emotional self-care and stress-coping mechanisms, and advocate for their needs.

Jenny Gatrell, Family Service Worker Coordinator
(801) 402-5914

Jenny worked as an Early Childhood expert in London, England for 9 years before coming to the United States. She received a bachelors degree at BYU in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Social Work from the University of Utah. Jenny never loses in the traditional BYU/UofU rivialry. For several years, she taught in various capacities for Davis Behavioral Health. She has been working part time with the Davis District for 16 years, first as a social worker for the CASIE program and then with groups and individuals in area elementary schools. She is the only certified teacher in the area for the Parent Project parenting classes.

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