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The following links are listed to provide you with additional online mental and physical health care information. The following is not meant to be a comprehensive list nor is it and endorsement of the content of the sites.

Addiction Support

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(s) substance abuse, (p) pornography

List of drug screening locations


Advocacy Groups 

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Crisis Hotline 

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Family Support Groups 

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Free Resources 

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Hospitals and Psychiatric Treatment

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Information Resource

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Mental Health Counseling

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Needs Assistance

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Training and Classes

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Youth Supports Groups

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Employee Resources

First page of the PDF file: EAPServicesFlyer

Employee counseling services are available to district employees, spouses, domestic partners, and dependent children (under 26 years old). 

Davis Behavioral Health also offers anger management and Mindfulness-based stress reduction classes for men and women. To learn more, please click on the following link...

or to register for their anger management class...

Additional Davis Behavioral Health Courses

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An app for Mindfulness

community resources
SMR Poster
School Resilience Handbook

The Everyday Strong School Resilience handbook outlines ways that teachers can support students who may experience anxiety or depression. 

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