District Case Management

"It is the policy of the Davis School District to promote a safe and orderly school environment for all students and employees.

Accordingly, the District holds all students, employees, and other adults to the highest standards of behavior on school grounds and during school-sponsored activities. Criminal acts or disruptive behavior of any kind will not be tolerated and any individual who engages in such activity will be subject to school disciplinary action, prosecution, or both."

-Davis School District Policy 5S-401 Safe and Orderly Schools Policy




Casey Layton

Director of Responsive Services
Secondary Case Management
(801) 402-5192

Brad G. Christensen

Director of Student and Family Resources
Elementary Case Management
(801) 402-5160

Deborah Wilcock

District Case Management Secretary
(801) 402-5309

DCMT Spanish Forms

Aviso de Suspencion (Notice of Suspension)

Respuesta del Padre de la Gerencia de Caso (Parent Narrative)

Folleto de la Gerencia de Caso (Case Management Tri-fold)

EA Courses

EA Courses are available for students and their parent(s) to complete when required as part of the district case management process. The three courses are outlined in the instructional documents below.

EA Course: E-Cigarettes and Marijuana

EA Course: Safety in the Digital Age

EA Course: Discrimination and Harassment

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