Age of Majority, Types of Support, Guardianship and Alternatives

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Guaridanship of adult children

We are ecstatic to have received a great publication from the Utah Parent Center, Utah Developmental Disabilities Council, and Utah Family Voices. We have been invited to make this available to students, parents, and teachers. Please see the attached Guardianship of Adult Children with Disabilities for a comprehensive resource on this subject. If you have questions, please contact these organizations. 

This pamphlet is being provided free of charge. If we could put in an invitation, we would like to; this is only an invitation. If you have appreciated it, though, these organizations are always welcoming donations to continue their great work to help our community in Utah. Donations of volunteer service, advocacy, and financial support are always appreciated. They benefit not just the community of individuals with disabilities, but our entire community. We all need each other regardless of one individual characteristic. We're here to help all people to live and work together. They provide classes, individual support, advocacy for individuals, and advocacy for policy and law. We are so grateful to them here in our community.

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