Transitioning to Adulthood

4 Videos for our Transition Fair are UP!

Video 4 - "Why Didn't You Tell Me?!"  (Turn your sound up!)
This is 1 of 4 Transition Fair Videos that will be featured this year.

These will rotate!                    Take a look at the next three!
We want to thank students in Layton High School's Video Editing Class for their help this year. 
These have been great!

Video 1

"Be the Hero of Your Future!"

It's true!  You can do it!

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Video 2

"I'm the Hero of Your Future"

The Transition Fair has all kinds of help.  Be the Hero!

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Video 3

      "3 Wishes"       

A longer video - and well worth it.

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2020 Free, Annual IEP & 504 Transition Fair
Today!     March 3, 2020
Be the "Hero of Your Future!"

50+ Service and Support Agencies and Organizations to meet and ask questions and seek services.

Download a flyer - 2020 DSD Transition Fair      2020 Feria de transición

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2020 Agencies & Organizations Coming So Far

Division of Services for People with Disabilities (DSPD)

Utah Developmental Disabilities Council

Phoenix Services Corporation

Utah Department of Health: Integrated Services Program

Department of Health/Medicaid EPAS Program

Utah Work Incentive Planning Services (UWIPS)

Disability Law Center

Department of Workforce Services


Roads to Independence

Utah State Library for the Blind & Disabled

...and more.


See our list of this year's participants to date.  
You can use this list to prepare and plan your evening. 
Which agencies or organizations do you see that will help you?
2020 Transition Fair Agencies & Organizations

If you continue to have questions about transition
after looking over information on these webpages, 
Email Us.  
We appreciate your questions.