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2024 Transition Fair - Please pre-register below.

2024 DSD Transition Fair

Thursday, March 7, 2024, 5-8 p.m.
Weber State University Layton Campus Stewart Center - Building D-3

Last year we had 450 families represented to find more information and help for their students. 
We are making room for even more this year! 

From the feedback we received about the evening - 
Overall Satisfaction with the Evenings Event - 75% Very Satisfied, 20% Satisfied 
Value of the Information - 68% Very Satisfied, 28% Satisfied.
For 86% of the people, this was their first time! Those who come multiple times find it helps the most.
Come and find out more! We continue to expand in an effort to accommodate space and reduce noise.

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Three Areas of Transitioning to Adulthood

Transitioning to Adulthood
Home Page - General Info


Transition Topic Webinar Recordings

For Special Education

We held a Webinar, Navigating Your Student's Transition Plan, on January 12, 2022, and recorded it. This recording is a general overview of Transition related topics. The first five minutes we worked out the kinks and did a pre-event survey. If you jump to the 4-minute mark, you'll see the survey results. If you jump to the 5-minute mark, you'll meet the panelists. We hope that you find it helpful. If the link does not work, please try https://youtu.be/lmHZaRqWIqs

For ADA Section 504 

On August 29, 2022, we held a Webinar about Section 504, Transition, and Resources, that included Vocational Rehabilitation. Midori Clough, DSD 504 Coordinator explained about what a "504" is, how it is determined and implemented, the importance of Transition planning. "Transition" refers to "Transition to Adulthood Roles and Responsibilities." Please watch to learn more about how there are resources to support preparing for adulthood, including Vocational Rehabilitation. If the link above does not work for the 504 Webinar, please use this URL https://youtu.be/VCc-rYI9Wkw

See more information about "Transition," below.



Transition Topics

Take a look!

Here are some videos for your student or classroom to see and think about coming to our annual Transition Fair. We asked for some ideas and these great students went to work and came up with some creative ideas - all of which want to have you thinking about your future and preparing with the instruction, supports, team members, and service you need.

We want to thank students in Layton High School's Video Editing Class
for their help in 2019. These were great!

Video 1

"Be the Hero of Your Future!"

It's true!  You can do it!

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Video 2

"I'm the Hero of Your Future"

The Transition Fair has all kinds of help. Be the Hero!  Redirects to YouTube

Video 3

      "3 Wishes"       

A longer video - and well worth it.

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Video 4 

"Why Didn't You Tell Me?!"

We're telling everyone! Come and check it all out. 

If you continue to have questions about transition
after looking over information on these webpages, 
Email Us.  
We appreciate your questions.