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  • Book: "PRT Pocket Guide"
  • Converstaion Skills
  • PECS
  • Scripts
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Social Skills

Visual/Executive Functioning Support

Replacement Behavior

IEP, FBA/BIP Support


Elementary Mild/Moderate Sample Goals

PLAAFPs and goals are examples to help guide the IEP writing process.  All goals and PLAAFPs should be individualized to the student's needs, but all components of a PLAAFP and goal need to be present.

Secondary Mild/Moderate Sample Goals

Sample Severe Goals

Data Collection

Other Resources

Book Library


We have a variety of books including information about autism, behavioral strategies, social skills instruction, social stories, etc. available for lending and would like to get them in the hands of teachers.  Below is the list of books in our library.  If you are interested in borrowing a book, please fill out the following survey

We request that books be returned within one month from receiving in order to allow others to borrow them.

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