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Our consultation services are provided for students age 3-22 enrolled in Davis School District. We can be accessed by completing a referral form on the special education website. Please submit all referrals through the following web form: 

Special Education Support Team Observation Form (fillable PDF) | Spanish (fillable PDF)
 Special Education Support Team Online Referral Form 
(updated: June 2019)

Interventions and Resources 

Davis Assistive Technology Teams >> More info

The Assistive Technology team serves IEP, 504, and school teams by providing assessments, observations, consultation, equipment and trainings for augmentative/alternative communication systems, and assistive technology. Our goal is to help all students gain independence and access curriculum through the use of assistive technology.

Our teams are made up of SLP’s, OT’s, PT’s, Teachers, and School Psychologists. Assistive technology referrals cover many areas including: communication, writing, reading, mathematics, daily living aids, computer access, and organization. Students who have been referred will be assessed by the team, but it is up to the school team to decide what will be implemented, and written into IEP or 504 plans. The assistive technology team will provide follow up consultation, materials and technical support for any recommendations.

Contact: Erek Engar (eengar@dsdmail.net) 801-402-5955

Autism Support Team  >> More info

The Autism team provides direct support to special education and general education teachers and staff serving students with autism spectrum disorder. We conduct classroom observations, program modeling, provide materials and resources, and assist in setting up management programs and environmental planning. We also consult with school teams and provide school and staff trainings.

Contact: Terri Drca (tdrca@dsdmail.net) 801-402-5169

Behavior Support Team >> More info

The Davis District Behavior support team (also known as the BEST Team) is dedicated to providing behavioral support to all teachers and students in the district. The term "BEST" stands for "Behavioral and Educational Strategies for Teachers", and as a district level team, that is exactly what we strive to offer. Our focus is on students with significant behavioral issues and needs, and our goal is to provide school teams with strategies for helping each student succeed in their home school. The behavior team is available for consultation with teachers and school teams regarding students with significant behavioral issues and concerns.

Contacts: Katrina Burg ((kspangenberg@dsdmail.net) 801-402-5169

Functional Skills Support Team

Our Functional Skills team consults with special education teachers concerning needs of students in Functional Skills, Resource and general education. Our goal is to support teachers with curriculum adaptations, teaching strategies and behavior concerns, in order for students to make progress within their setting as well as participate more successfully within the general education class.

Contacts: Scott Francis - sfrancis@dsdmail.net - 801-402-5169

Resource Support Team

The Resource team provides support to school teams that are looking at needs specific to resource (behavioral, academic, adaptive etc.). Our team provides consultation to school teams who are in need of assistance to determine what additional interventions or supports are needed for students in order for them to be successful. We consult with teams who may be considering a more restricted setting for students. We also provide support a team may need in ensuring their classrooms are functioning smoothly and the individual needs of students are being met.

Contacts: Elementary: Sallie Richardson (sarichardson@dsdmail.net) 801-402-5169
Secondary: Lisa Wall (lwall@dsdmail.net) 801-402-5151

Traumatic Brain Injury Team >> More Info

Even mild brain injuries can result in changes to a child's school performance, memory, behavior, attention, communication skills, physical abilities, etc. Brain injuries may be caused by falls, accidents, sports injuries, stroke, tumors, brain surgery, child abuse, etc. The district BRAIN INJURY TEAM exists to support students who are dealing with mild to severe brain injuries, and school staff who work with students who have suffered any level of brain injury. Services are usually provided by the Team on a consultation basis. Parents, teachers, administrators, related servers and others are encouraged to complete a district support team referral form and to also e-mail Brain Injury Team members with additional specific concerns.

Contacts: Alice Richins (arichins@dsdmail.net) or
Lisa Wall (lwall@dsdmail.net) 801-402-5151