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Train your School to Use Google Read and Write

Read & Write
  • Training Objective:

    Introduce educators, administration and support staff to the features in Google Read and Write


    • Demonstrate how to access Google Read and Write extension for Google Chrome
    • Discuss how Google Read and Write can meet the needs of a Variety of Students
    • Demonstrate the login for Google Read and Write
    • Provide a brief demonstration of each of the tools in Google Read and Write
    • Connect you to additional resources

Before your training...

Practice with Read and Write on Web Pages and in Office 365, it works a little bit different, you want to know how.  See this video for a specific bug to avoid and the fix if you get 2 tool bars.

Install Read and Write AND the Screenshot Reader on the computer you are going to train on.

Test your sound and microphone!

When you train, if you use a microphone headset, it will override your sound output unless you change the settings.  The easiest fix, is to plug and unplug your headset or to use just a regular microphone on the computer.  

Go through all of the activities on the Training Web Page before you train so you know how everything will work.

How to train your school to use Read and Write

1. Demonstrate the Software Center so everyone knows where to get it.

2. Install Read and Write and Google Chrome if it's not already on your computers (if you're an STS, you can take care of this for your whole school via SCCM).

3. Brainstorm some ways learning differences (like English Language Learners and Visual Learners) and disabilities (like low reading and writing ability) interfere with web based access and learning.  

Suggestion: Open a Word Document in Office 365 on Chrome.  Have someone scribe for the group.  Then, later when you're demonstrating the Read and Write tools, you can use the Read Aloud tool to read these responses.

4. Open the Read and Write Demo page for quick access to activities that show all of the Read and Write tools.

5. Launch Read and Write by clicking on the Purple Puzzle Piece in the extension tool bar, sign in with your 365 login, and refresh the page.

6.  Begin the demonstration by following the prompts on the training web page OR launch the videos by clicking the video links (login to Office 365 before your training).

7. Discuss how the tools in Read and Write can help facilitate access for students described in step 3.

After you train your school to use Read and Write...

Link your page to the DSD Read and Write home page and share the DATT Facebook page so everyone knows where to learn more!

Follow up with lab managers and supervisors to make sure they know that Read and Write is AWESOME and available for ALL students to use!

For educators who want to dive deeper, refer them to the Read and Write Training Program.  They'll need to request permission to access the folder from Erek Engar or Bradie Ormond. 

Communicate any concerns to Erek Engar or Bradie Ormond

Updated by B. Ormond on 26-Oct-2017