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Read and Write for Google Chrome by Texthelp, what is that?

Read and Write (R&W) is a subscription-based extension for the Google Chrome Browser created by Texthelp.  For now, in Davis School District (DSD), it is available only on school computers at participating schools.  There is a long-term plan to have it available for student and staff use at home via the Microsoft Edge Browser for participating schools.  

Who is R&W for?

DSD invested in subscriptions for ALL STUDENTS and ALL EDUCATORS previously for the 2017-2018 school year contact Erek engage for current details.

How do I get R&W and how do I login?

R&W is available via the Software Center on all PCs at participating schools.  If you don't see Read and Write in the software center, please contact your STS or Erek Engar.

Sign in using your DSD Login. 

Can I use R&W on other devices?

At this time, R&W is a PC application, use on Chromebooks isn't part of the subscription. 

How do I train my School and Students to use Read and Write?

See Train your School to Use Google Read and Write for a step-by-step training plan complete with a scripted Read and Write Activities Page.

View training videos at the Read and Write Videos Page. (Currently offline for maintenance.)

R&W is installed, how do I teach my students to use it?

Direct instruction of course! DATT tried to make it easy by creating training materials and sharing them via Office 365.  These lessons are available for DSD employees and students. See if you have access.  If you get an error message, contact Erek Engar for access. 

Suggestions for Read and Write by topic area.


When will it be available for home use?

Davis Read and Write accounts authenticate from Office 365 which require Microsoft Authentication.  This means that for home use there needs to be a fully operational version for Microsoft Edge. Texthelp is currently developing this extension.  Additional information will be sent via the DATT's Awesome Newsletters.

What do all these pictures mean? 
Read & Write for Google Chrome

See the Read and Write Quick Start Guide for a complete explanation of the tools.

View training videos at the Read and Write Videos Page. (This page is offline for Maintenance).

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