Davis Assistive Technology Teams

Specialized Educational Technology Trainers Goals


Davis Assistive Technology Team

D. A. T. T.

The assistive technology team serves IEP, 504 and school teams by providing consultations, observations, training, equipment, and support for students who require assistive technology to access their education.  Our goal is to help all students increase their ability to access the curriculum.

Our Teams are made up of Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Teachers, School Psychologists, and Assistive Technology Specialists. Students may be referred to the DATT for: Reading, Writing, Executive Functioning, Mathematics, Communication, Daily Living Aids, and Computer Access.

Please Contact Erek Engar – eengar@dsdmail.net - 801.402.5959 or Bradie Ormond bormond@dsdmail.net - 801.402.5399

If need to submit a referral, please contact your school facilitator.

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