Traumatic Brain Injury Support Team

Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Ribbon

Even mild brain injuries can result in changes to a child's school performance, memory, behavior, attention, communication skills, physical abilities, etc. Brain injuries may be caused by falls, accidents, sports injuries, stroke, tumors, brain surgery, child abuse, etc. The district BRAIN INJURY TEAM exists to support students who are dealing with mild to severe brain injuries, and school staff who work with students who have suffered any level of brain injury. Services are usually provided by the Team on a consultation basis. Parents, teachers, administrators, related servers and others are encouraged to complete a district support team referral form and to also e-mail Brain Injury Team members with additional specific concerns.

Contacts: Alice Richins ( or Lisa Wall ( 801-402-5169

If need to submit a referral, please contact your school facilitator.

Brain Injury Support Team

Our mission is to support educators in helping students with a brain injury succeed in school.