Davis School District Student
& School Support Team

The School and Student Support Team provides consultation to school teams who are in need of assistance to determine what additional interventions (academic, behavioral/social, autism, assistive technology, adaptive) or supports are needed for students to access the least restrictive environment (LRE).  The team provides consultation and training to school teams upon request.  

Image of student smiling as completing school work

Due to the soft closure, the Support Team Referral process has closed.  If you are in need of support or have questions regarding a student, please feel free to contact any of the support team members or your school representative. 
Support Team: Katrina Burg, Terri Drca, Alyson Gilson, Erek Engar, Maria Ellis, Bradie Ormond
School Representative: Lisa Wall, Scott Francis, Sallie Richardson, Allison Whiting

Prior to a support team professional completing an observation or discussing student specifics,

  1. Parent Permission (Spanish version) must be obtained and a
  2. Referral form (updated: June 2019) must be submitted.