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Procedural Safeguards:

  • English - 2023 USBE Version
  • Spanish - 2023 USBE Version
  • Other USBE Versions - Procedural Safeguards and Annual Parent/Guardian Notices (Child Find, Carson Smith Special Needs Scholarship, Destruction of Records, Medicaid Information) for Students with Disabilities and their Parents under the IDEA 2004. -- Revised November 2016 -- Translations for Navajo, Arabic, Somali, Spanish, Tongan, and Vietnamese are all available here. When you get to the page, click the sub tab entitled "Procedural Safeguards"
  • Utah Registry of Autism and Developmental Disabilities (URADD) Notification

Child Find Notice

Davis School District is responsible for Child Find identification and evaluation for all students suspected of having a disability residing in Davis County. This includes children (birth through 21 years of age) who are in public schools, private schools, are being home schooled, are preschoolers (birth to five years) and are in need of an evaluation for possible special education or early intervention services. Early identification and intervention may be essential to your child’s development.

If your child is having significant difficulty with vision, hearing, speech, behavior, is experiencing slow development typical for his/her age, physical development or learning difficulty, he/she may be a child with a disability that requires specialized instruction through special education. If you suspect that your school age child may have a disability, please contact your neighborhood school principal or special education department at 801-402-5169.

If your child’s age is birth to three years or three to five years, contact the Davis Early Learning Center at 801-402-5413.

Carson Smith Scholarship Notice

We are required by Utah Code Section 53A-1a-704(10) to inform you, if you are a parent of a student with an IEP enrolled in a public school, of the availability of a scholarship to attend a private school through the Carson Smith Special Needs Scholarship Program. For further information you can visit the Carson Smith Scholarship (CSS) page on the Utah State Board of Education site.

Medicaid Related Information

For information about Parental Consent for Sharing Information with Medicaid and other Medicaid related questions see The Parent Resources for Medicaid page.

Utah Parent Center:

Utah Parent Center Website:  The mission of the Utah Parent Center (UPC or Center) is to help parents help their children, youth and young adults with all disabilities to live included, productive lives as members of the community.We accomplish our mission by providing accurate information, empathetic peer support, valuable training and effective advocacy based on the concept of parents helping parents. View story to watch a short video about the Utah Parent Center and the resources available.

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For information and Resources contact:  Roz Welch, Utah Parent Center Consultant (serving Davis District)
Phone: 801.402.5120

Do you have questions or concerns about your student’s eligibility or Special Education program?

If so, there is someone that can help you!  

The Utah Parent Center has partnered with Davis School District to provide free assistance to families of children with special educational needs.

If your child has special needs, so do you!  The Parent Consultant serving families in Davis School District offers:

  • training,
  • information,
  • referral and
  • assistance.

These services are offered to parents and professionals through the provision of one-on-one consultations, and group workshops and presentations.

Roz can help you by:

  • Providing a free, private consultation in-person or over the phone regarding questions or concerns about the special education process.
  • Providing information on the IEP process and your rights and responsibilities under IDEA.
  • Helping you prepare for IEP meetings and providing support during IEP meetings.
  • Connecting you to resources and supports in your community.
  • Providing workshops on the impact of having a student with special needs in your family.
  • Information about: Section 504 and IEP process, early transition, transition to adult life, communication and disability specific concerns.
  • All services provided are free and confidential.  No information will be released without your consent.

Other Parent Resources

The sites listed on this page are for information purposes only. The Davis School District is not responsible for the content of the pages or the links they lead to. Parental Procedural Safeguards

General Information about Students with Disabilities

Intellectual Disabilities

Specific Learning Disabilities


Early Childhood


Behavior Issues

Special Needs Scholarship Program


Information for Parents and Medical Professionals

  • letter (.pdf) information medical professionals can provide to assist special education and 504 teams to support eligibility determination and IEP development procedures. This letter is not a prescription. Some eligibility decisions require medical history and information. In the course of best practice, Davis School District cooperates with medical providers to gather this information when possible. Davis School District is able to conduct necessary evaluation and does not require students to see medical professionals to identify a student's educational needs.
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Special Education and 504 Plans. (.pdf)