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EVERY EMPLOYEE ASKED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE TIME STUDY MUST PARTICIPATE. Even if you do not provide medically related services (at this time medically related services include: Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and School Psychology Services) your participation affects funding received by Davis School District. This IS NOT optional.

Time Study Dates for 2019-2020 are:

  • November 18-22, 2019
  • February 24-28, 2020
  • April 6-10, 2020

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General User Information and FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions:

If I work part time, how do I fill out my time study?

Fill out for the days you work. Submit. You will be asked if you are part time because you submitted a partial week time study. Answer "yes" to being part-time. The system should accept your partial week time study.

How do I fill out my time study if I work at two schools/locations?

Fill out one time study listing the work you do by day not by location.

If I forgot my password, how can I access it?

It cannot be accessed. You password has to be reset/reissued. You must enter the Medicaid web site via DSD SPED web page link and enter the "forgotten password" help link. Your new temp password will be created by UMASS and forwarded to you by email from Cozette Freckleton.

Why won't the "forgotten password" link accept my email address?

You must use Cozette Freckleton's email address. cfreckleton@dsdmail.net

What is my user name/ID?

can access your user name on the DSD SPED web site. Usernames do not change when passwords are reset.

Are passwords and user names confidential?

Passwords and user names are not attached to any confidential personal information.

Can user name changes be made?

DSD SPED proofs name listings before submitting them to Medicaid/UMASS. UMASS makes many spelling errors. They will not correct errors or up-date name changes.

Why does the web site reject my password entry?

Passwords are case sensitive.

If I accessed the time study on the first day, why can't I access it again?

You must submit for each day before using the "complete" submission link at the bottom of the survey. If you "complete" before each day is finished, the site will lock you out. In this case the Medicaid facilitator must reset your survey. Please contact the facilitator MedicaidOutreach@earthlink.net

Questions about logging in and completing the survey??

Email MedicaidOutreach@earthlink.net with questions

If the above link does not work, open your email program and type medicaidoutreach@earthlink.net in the "to" box. If you require immediate assistance and do not get a response from the above email, email Janice Schneider at CMSMACProject@aol.com.

Instructions for Online Access for Medicaid Reporting - Updated 11-6-2012