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Special Education Fillable Forms


Behavior & LRBI

Functional Behavioral Assessment and Behavior Intervention Plan Resources and Forms

Least Restrictive Behavior Initiative (LRBI)

Emergency Contact

Manifestation Determination

Transportation and Bus Safety for Students with Disabilities

Data Collection

Retrieved June 2017 from Ben Springer, Ph.D., NCSP at UMTSS conference

Web Based Resources

ABC Observation Forms

Data Collection Forms and Tools

Excel Goal Tracker Data Sheets


Evaluation & Eligibility Resources

Vision Symptoms Questionaire (.pdf) - This is a referral form that teachers or parents can fill out to request a vision screening from the nurse. If they suspect a concern with a student's vision they can use this form. It is not mandatory for special education teams to fill out on re-evaluations, however, if they want to use it they can.

Extended Year Legislative Days

Extended Year Additional Pay for Special Educators

Explanation of Extended Year Option - updated 7-25-19 (.pdf)

USBE's Extended Year for Special Educators (R-277-525) for SPED teachers, Vision Specialists, Hearing Specialists, Adapted PE Teachers and SLPs ONLY.

Eligible work days:

  • August 1-14, 2019
  • June 1-12, 2020

Extended School Year (ESY)

File Compliance & File Transfer

Health Care & Medical Information

Health and Medical Information

Authorization and Release of Health Information (.pdf)

Child Health and Developmental History

Health Professional Report - The Health Professional Report supports teams in gathering the required medical history information. This form is NOT mandatory. A medical history might also be documented as a medical report and an evaluation summary from a private clinical setting. If there is documentation of prior medical history, specific syndromes (if applicable), health concerns and medications, the name and role of the medical provider and the date, it is a medical history.

See the Policy and Information Exchange (PIE) website for the Medical History Definition and Procedures (PIE folder log-in required)

Special Education Nurses' Forms

For the most up-to-date Nurses forms go to DSD Health and Nursing Services webpage - See the Secretaries and Teacher Resources tab: Click Here

IEP Accommodations & Progress Reports

IEP Accommodations, Participation in State and Local Assessment
and IEP Progress Report Forms

Meeting Documents

Meeting Documents

Meeting Summary Options

Parental Procedural Safeguards

Procedural Safeguards & Guardian Notices Summary (updated July 2018) 
Spanish Version: Avisos y Garantías del Proceso del Padre/s o Tutor Legal 

Procedural Safeguards Document (updated November 2016)

  • Spanish (2016 version)
  • USBE Versions - Procedural Safeguards and Annual Parent/Guardian Notices (Child Find, Carson Smith Special Needs Scholarship, Destruction of Records, Medicaid Information) for Students with Disabilities and their Parents under the IDEA 2004. -- Revised November 2016 -- Translations for Navajo, Arabic, Somali, Spanish, Tongan, and Vietnamese are all available here. When you get to the page, click the sub tab entitled "Procedural Safeguards"

Other Documents


Off-Campus Community Access

Off Campus Community Access:

Support Team Referrals

Support Teams and Other Referrals

Support Teams

Support Team Webpage - Click here to access the current referral link

Other Referrals

Adapted PE Referral
Occupational Therapy Referral - Please contact the OT that serves your school for support.
Physical Therapy Referral

Transition & Graduation

Transition and Graduation