Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM)

The Dynamic Learning Maps - The Utah's alternate assessment system.  It offers an innovative way for all students with significant cognitive disabilities to demonstrate their learning throughout the school year. DLM now tests ELA, Math, and Science.

2020-21 DLM Essential Resources: 

Educator Portal Login (link)  |  DLM Utah Resources (link) | DLM Moodle Training Site (link)
Download for KITE Suite: Student Portal Software (For STS's to prep student testing machines)
Davis District DLM Participation Guidelines (PIE Site)
Prepping your Logins & Passwords for 2020-21 DLM Administration (.pdf)
*2020-21 DLM Update Letter  (.pdf) - Jan 25

Required Training (Moodle site) - Training Site Link

Before you can get started, you must complete this online training. You can complete this training on your own (self-guided) - Guide to access the Required Test Administrator Training (.pdf) - p.6 shows you how to login | p.13-25 walks you through the training.

  • Looking for the Quiz Study Guide/Keys? - You'll find them on the Special Programs Microsoft Teams Files.
2020-21 DLM Implementation Timeline:

September 2020 - Educator Portal is open.
September 2020 - Moodle Required Training Site is open.
September 11, 2020 – Start Completing the Security Agreement, Access Profile (PNP) & First Contact Surveys (Deadline: March 8th)
Oct – March 5 - Yearly DLM Training (can be complete as self-guided at any time)
     Returning Teachers - This is to be done online at your convenience.
     1st Time Test Administrators - TBD
Sept 20- Feb 28 - Optional ITI (Instructionally Embedded Assessment)
March 8 – June 5, 2021 - Required Spring Window opens for DLM End of Year & UAA Assessment

Required Spring 2021 - Quick Reference Instructions/Helps:
Helpful DLM Videos
DLM Educator Resource Page YE:

Visit Page - Helpful Resources including video examples & Tested EE's. There are also Assessment Administration Resources such as: Familiar Texts in ELA Testlets, terms used in mathematics assessments, lists of common materials by grade, additional training on writing testlets and FAQ resources.

Essential Elements:
2020-21 Blueprints

The range of Essential Elements (EEs) that will be assessed during the DLM 2020-21 assessment windows.  These are the Grade-level instructions on which EEs you are to use to create instructional plans for each student during the optional instructionally embedded testing window. (Organized by Grade-Level)
                        Spring 2021 Blueprint ELA YE - pool of available ELA EEs
                        Spring 2021 Blueprint Math YE - pool of available Math EE’s
                        Spring 2021 General DLM Science Phase I Blueprint


KITE Suite: Student Portal Software downloads for Windows, Mac, iPad & Chromebooks - Teachers the software is different this year and new versions need to be installed.  Please put in an STS service request in encore ASAP so that STSs will which computers will need the Kite Client software for testing. STS info (.pdf)

Fall 2020 - Optional Testing - Quick Reference Instructions/Helps:
  • TAM (Test Administration Manual) | EPUG (Educator Portal User Guide) - These sections of the TAM and EPUG have really great how-to steps and pictures to walk you through the process
    • Complete the Access Profile “PNP” pp 36  | EPUG pp 28-39
    • Complete the First Contact Survey pp 37 | EPUG pp 39-47
  • Using the Instructional Tools Interface (ITI)  | EPUG pp 55-73 (Optional Window Closes Feb 28th)
    • KITE “Tester" User Guide | TAM pp 93-102
    • Glossary | TAM pp 104-109
Old Archive:

*2019-20 DLM Update Letter  (.pdf)
Update Letter March 15, 2016 (.pdf)
Update Letter - November 11th, 2015 (.pdf)
DLM Delayed until Nov 5th 2015 - See Announcement (.pdf)  
DSD-DLM March 5th Update Letter (.pdf) - Who Takes What??
DSD-DLM January 13th Update Letter (.pdf)


UAA Manual (.pdf) - The UAA is the Alternate ELA & Math Assessment for grades 1-2 and the Alternate Science Assessment for grades 4-11
USBE Extended Core Standards (.pdf) - for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities: Science Standards Grades K-12
2019 UAA Score Entry Instructions - New Encore (.pdf) | 
UAA Testing Window - March 11 – June 7, 2019