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Secondary Mild/Moderate Contacts

Supervisor - Elementary Mild/Moderate & Preschool - Lisa Wall

Lisa Wall

LWALL@dsdmail.net | 801-402-5151

  • Lisa oversees the secondary programs for students with mild/moderate disabilities in the 16 junior high schools and 10 High Schools in Davis School District, including adult education and Mountain High. She provides consultation services and on-site technical support to teachers, administrators, school teams, and school faculties in the areas of staff development, staffing, file compliance, support team referrals, conflict resolution, safe schools manifestation, classroom management, scheduling, the LRE process, facilitating the use of effective, research-based instructional strategies and programs, and a variety of other areas.

Coordinator - 504 & Secondary Transition - Adam King

aking@dsdmail.net | 801-402-5151

Adam coordinates accommodations for students under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. He provides support, problem-solving, and consultation to school-based 504 coordinators/teams, and ongoing staff-development opportunities for 504 paraprofessionals.

Teacher Leader - Allison Whiting

AWHITING@dsdmail.net | 801-402-5169

  • Allison provides support to students with mild/moderate disabilities, teachers, and administrators, and IEP teams at the secondary level.  She provides consultation and ongoing technical support with implementing effective instructional practices, classroom management, curriculum development, compliance, scheduling, and a variety of other areas.  She works with Lisa Wall, Adam King, and Aaron Lewis in coordinating staff development on the secondary level. 

Teacher Specialist - Aaron Lewis

Aaron Lewis

AALEWIS@dsdmail.net | 801-402-5151

His duties include: 
• Supporting junior highs and high schools throughout Davis School District. 
• Providing professional development to special education teachers. 
• Assisting schools as part of the Support Team. 
• Providing Behavior support training to teachers, administrators, support staff, and parents. 
• Assisting with observations of related service providers on Evaluate Davis.
• Representing special education during YIC intake meetings.

Teacher Specialist (Teacher Induction) - Maria Ellis

mellis@dsdmail.net | 801-402-5158

Maria's primary responsibility is to assist new secondary special education teachers working with mild/moderate disabilities.  She assists new teachers with compliance requirements, instructional materials/methods, classroom and caseload management.  She teaches and facilitates the new teacher trainings, as well as the IEP training strand.