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Related Services Contacts

Director - Related Services - Jocelyn Taylor

Jocelyn Taylor


jotaylor@dsdmail.net | 801-402-5482

Supervision and Oversight of Related Services:  
•Educator observations 
•Budget management 

Determines priorities for improving services for students with disabilities  
Supports student progress and growth

Supervisor - Related Services - Cheryl Orme

Cheryl Orme

corme@dsdmail.net | 801-402-5477

Early Childhood  
Supervision and Mentoring  

Supervision and evaluation of Related Service providers:  
•Speech Language Pathology 

Supervisor - Related Services - Devin Healey

dhealey@dsdmail.net | 801-402-5452

Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports Leadership Team  
Oversees Related Services Professional Development  

Member of District Crisis Team  

Supervision and evaluation of Related Service providers:  
•Occupational Therapists 
•Vision teachers 
•Career school psychologists

Supervisor - Related Services - Steve Loveland

Steve Loveland

sloveland@dsdmail.net | 801-402-5194

Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports Leadership Team 
Related Services technology and website support 
Patterns of Strengths and Weaknesses 
JSSC Secondary District Case Management Technology 
Budget Management 
Member of the District Crisis team 

Supervision and evaluation of Related Service providers:  
•Provisional School Psychologists 
•Physical Therapists 
•Adaptive Physical Education teachers 




Supervisor - Related Services - Heidi Block

Heidi Block

hblock@dsdmail.net | 801-402-5482

School Psychologist for Canyon Creek Elementary 

Elementary District Case Management 
Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports Leadership Team 
School Psychology Internship Program and Licensure

Technician - Related Services - Meridee Litster

Meridee Litster

mlitster@dsdmail.net | 801-402-5482

Meridee's current job responsibilities:
• All payroll for Related Services & Sp. Ed. Extra Duty 
• Daily Leave Entry for both Related Services and Sp. Ed. Dept. 
• Process leave requests from Related Servers.
• Purchasing for Related Services
• Accounts Payable – submit invoices for contracted services
• Mileage – check claims submitted by Related Servers for accuracy and submit to AP
• Personnel Actions for all Sp. Ed. And Related Servers (terminations, position changes, TA transfers, etc.) 
• Track personnel by location and keep an up-do-date spreadsheet on the S drive.
• Reports to USOE (Legislative Payroll, Personnel Report, High Cost)
• Employee Driving Test tracking 
• Collect & file required documents from Related Servers (schedule, Employee Emergency Calling Card, SEP Make-Up)
• Each month, collect, check for accuracy, and file time management record (time cards) from all Related Servers and the Sp. Ed. Department.
• Research Payroll & Personnel questions for both departments
• Work with Accounting to get new position numbers created that have been approved by SES.
• Miscellaneous Payroll and Personnel reports for supervisors & Director