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Related Services Contacts

Director - Related Services - Jocelyn Taylor

Jocelyn Taylor


jotaylor@dsdmail.net | 801-402-5482

Supervision and Oversight of Related Services:  
•Educator observations 
•Budget management 

Determines priorities for improving services for students with disabilities  
Supports student progress and growth

Supervisor - Related Services - Cheryl Orme

Cheryl Orme

corme@dsdmail.net | 801-402-5477

Early Childhood  
Supervision and Mentoring  

Supervision and evaluation of Related Service providers:  
•Speech Language Pathology 

Supervisor - Related Services - Heidi Block

Heidi Block

hblock@dsdmail.net | 801-402-5482

School Psychologist for Canyon Creek Elementary 

Elementary District Case Management 
Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports Leadership Team 
School Psychology Internship Program and Licensure

Supervisor - Related Services - Bethanie Monsen-Ford

image of Bethanie Monsen-Ford

bford@dsdmail.net | 801-402-5134

Adapted Physical Education Teachers
Career School Psychologists

Hearing Teachers
School Psychologist for Sand Springs Elementary
Professional Development/MIDAS

Supervisor - Related Services - Lauren Rich

Photo of Lauren Rich

larich@dsdmail.net | 801-402-5133
Career School Psychologists
Physical Therapists

Vision Teachers
School Psychologist for Wastach Elementary
Member of Crisis Team

Technician - Related Services - Meridee Litster

Meridee Litster

mlitster@dsdmail.net | 801-402-5482

Meridee's current job responsibilities:
• All payroll for Related Services & Sp. Ed. Extra Duty 
• Daily Leave Entry for both Related Services and Sp. Ed. Dept. 
• Process leave requests from Related Servers.
• Purchasing for Related Services
• Accounts Payable – submit invoices for contracted services
• Mileage – check claims submitted by Related Servers for accuracy and submit to AP
• Personnel Actions for all Sp. Ed. And Related Servers (terminations, position changes, TA transfers, etc.) 
• Track personnel by location and keep an up-do-date spreadsheet on the S drive.
• Reports to USOE (Legislative Payroll, Personnel Report, High Cost)
• Employee Driving Test tracking 
• Collect & file required documents from Related Servers (schedule, Employee Emergency Calling Card, SEP Make-Up)
• Each month, collect, check for accuracy, and file time management record (time cards) from all Related Servers and the Sp. Ed. Department.
• Research Payroll & Personnel questions for both departments
• Work with Accounting to get new position numbers created that have been approved by SES.
• Miscellaneous Payroll and Personnel reports for supervisors & Director