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Department Support Staff Contacts

Special Education Secretary - Finance - Robin Driggs

Robin Driggs

rdriggs@dsdmail.net | 801-402-5158

Robin's duties include:

  • Direct Secretary for J. Larson
  • Credit Cards for RS Staff
  • Purchasing for Related Services
  • Contract Employee Payments for RS
  • Computer & IP assignments for SPED
  • Continue to be the contact point for contract nursing

Special Education Secretary - Tracy Black

Tracy Black

tblack@dsdmail.net | 801-402-5485

Tracy's duties include:

  • Direct Secretary for Special Programs
  • New Move-in Management (Tracy will make announcement to schools)
  • Transportation management
  • Human Rights Committee
  • YI Care Meetings/Intake

Special Education Secretary - Kathi Lewis

Kathi Lewis photograph

katlewis@dsdmail.net | 801-402-5151

Kathi's duties include:

  • Direct Secretary for MM Group (L. Wall), Support Team Group (S. Clayton), Data Manager, Tom Johnson with assistance from K. Bright
  • US & DSD Mail shared with K. Bright and during the summer months
  • PD Calendar, Scheduling, Posting, announcement e-mail, 
  • Defensive Driving and Abuse Prevention Training for SPED and RS Staff
  • Safety-Care management, class scheduling, reporting to QBS
  • MIDAS management
  • ATP Testing and information for USU.  Lisa will review the written test.  Prime WSU will be handled by WSU.

Medicaid Specialist - Cozette Freckleton

Cozette Freckleton

CFRECKLETON@dsdmail.net | 801-402-5142

Her duties include: 

  • Direct Secretary for ESY
  • Assists with Special Programs secretarial assignments
  • School Based Medicaid Billing, Employee Time Study & Narrative Log, Medicaid Audits Federal & State, Physicians RX signatures for One-On-One Nursing from Nursing agencies. 
  • Obtain Medicaid Parental consent forms from parents and case managers. 
  • Checking SpEd employees on the Sanctioned Providers websites monthly. LEIE exclusion database, SAMS exclusion database, and DOPL license verification. 
  • Wellness Captain for SpEd Department.
  • CPR Instructor for SpEd Teachers and Para’s.

Related Services Secretary - Gayle Barth

Gayle Barth

GBARTH@dsdmail.net | 801-402-5955

Duties include the following:

  • Direct Secretary for Related Services
  • RS Personnel Files to Jocelyn Taylor
  • RS Emergency Information
  • Computer, IPad, and test kit check-out for RS
  • Protocol distribution
  • Pearson Assessment Licenses

Technician - SPED & Related Services - Meridee Litster

Meridee Litster

mlitster@dsdmail.net | 801-402-5482

Meridee's current job responsibilities:
• All payroll for Related Services & Sp. Ed. Extra Duty 
• Daily Leave Entry for both Related Services and Sp. Ed. Dept. 
• Process leave requests from Related Servers.
• Purchasing for Related Services
• Accounts Payable – submit invoices for contracted services
• Mileage – check claims submitted by Related Servers for accuracy and submit to AP
• Personnel Actions for all Sp. Ed. And Related Servers (terminations, position changes, TA transfers, etc.) 
• Track personnel by location and keep an up-do-date spreadsheet on the S drive.
• Reports to USBE (Legislative Payroll, Personnel Report, High Cost)
• Employee Driving Test tracking 
• Collect & file required documents from Related Servers (schedule, Employee Emergency Calling Card, SEP Make-Up)
• Each month, collect, check for accuracy, and file time management record (time cards) from all Related Servers and the Sp. Ed. Department.
• Research Payroll & Personnel questions for both departments
• Work with Accounting to get new position numbers created that have been approved by SES.
• Miscellaneous Payroll and Personnel reports for supervisors & Director

Compliance, DLM, myIDEA Manager, Webmaster, UPIPs - Tom Johnson

Tom Johnson

tomjohnson@dsdmail.net | 801-402-5479

MyIDEA is Davis District’s web based IEP system used to create most of the documents for students in the special education program. The responsibilities of the MyIDEA manager include: creating and updating training materials for MyIDEA; training all certified SPED staff to access and use MyIDEA; provide support for the use of MyIDEA; and coordinate improvements of the program with the data processing department. He also supports teachers and the TCM’s in the entering and tracking of data for October, December and July student services counts. He is also responsible for accuracy of data reported to the USOE. As the webmaster, he creates, updates and manages the special education website for Davis School District.

Office Assistant - Kristen Bright

Kristen Bright

kwhitear@dsdmail.net | 801-402-5169

Kristen's responsibilities include:

  • Office receptionist line
  • Office Clerk assisting Kathi Lewis in her direct secretary assignments
  • Move-out file transfer management
  • Legal Case file copies
  • TeachTown Licenses