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Assistive Technology Team (DATT) Contacts

DATT Team Leader - Erek Engar

Erek Engar

eengar@dsdmail.net | 801-402-5959

DATT Team Leader: Davis Assistive Technology Team

Erek heads up the Assistive Technology Team. This support team provides students with assistive technology and options for unique communication needs. Student support is solicited by written referral to the DAT team. Staff support and follow up support for students can be obtained by email to Erek. Erek's additional esponsibilities include coordinating Extended School Year (ESY) services for students with severe disabilities.

DATT Team Leader - Bradie Ormond

Bradie Ormond

bormond@dsdmail.net | 801-402-5399

DATT Team Leader: Davis Assistive Technology Team

Bradie has a BS and MA in Speech Language Pathology and an Endorsement in Educational Leadership. Her passion is ensuring all students have appropriate access to instruction through assistive and instructional technology. She works with teams to facilitate low-tech and high-tech solutions for educators, learners and parents. In addition to her work with Davis School District, she’s a member of the State Assistive Technology Leadership Team and teaches an Assistive Technology course for Utah State University.

Secretary for the Diagnostic Resource Center & DATT - Gayle Barth

Gayle Barth

GBARTH@dsdmail.net | 801-402-5955

Duties include the following:

• Process Special Ed Move In Students.
• Process students returning to the district from treatment centers.
• Schedule appointments for Hearing test & work with Audiologists.
• Work with the Assistive Technology Team & schedule appointments for training's
• ESY (extended School Year) 
• KTEA orders for Special Ed Teachers.

Vision – Related Services - Marcia Birdsley

Coordinator - Pre-K12 Learning Centers/DDRC - Lorie Coates

Lorie Coates

lcoates@dsdmail.net | 801-402-5151

As coordinator for the self-contained classrooms, Lorie provides technical assistance for the self-contained learning center teachers (preschool, elementary and secondary), in the areas of behavior, LRBI, individualized behavior plans, and other responsibilities as needed. She heads up the Human Rights Committee. Lorie is also responsible for directing the Davis Diagnostic Resource Center (DDRC)-(ext.25955). The center’s primary responsibilities include: performing second opinion assessments (referred by District Coordinators or Special Education Director), reviewing file information for students moving into Davis School District who have a self-contained level of special education services, processing treatment for students who have been recently placed in hospital settings for mental health considerations, providing general assessment resources and training to school teams.

Learning Center – Auxiliary Programs and Mentor - Clarissa Draper

Team Leader -SLP - Doxey Elementary - Susan Hamblin

SLP – Cook El. and Vista Education Campus - Emma Kruger (Jones)

Vision, Orientation and Mobility – Related Services - Nadine Passey

Teacher Leader: Functional Skills - Alice Richins

Alice Richins

ARICHINS@dsdmail.net | 801-402-5169

Her duties include: 
• Assist FS Classroom Teachers with curriculum, behavior, and sensory needs.
• Train FS Classroom Teachers on specific curriculum used in FS classrooms. 
• Support FS Classroom Teachers by weekly on-site visits. 
• Collaborate with FS Classroom Teachers on special projects. 
• Collaborate and plan at weekly meetings with FS Team members. 
• Work with parents and Administrators to support individual students. 
• Assist Autism Team and preschool with transitioning kindergarten students. 
• Plan and conduct monthly trainings for FS Classroom Teachers on a variety of topics specific to students and classroom needs. 
• Member of the Brain Injury and Assistive Technology Teams.
• Assists with Medicaid management for Special Education including teacher training. 
• Safety Care Trainer-Teach positive behavior strategies and safe physical management procedures to school teams in DSD.

Occupational Therapy – Early Intervention / Pre-K - Mike Thompson

Functional Skills - Induction Coach - Anne Wilkinson

Anne Wilkinson

AWILKINSON@dsdmail.net | 801-402-5169

Anne’s primary responsibility is to assist new special education teachers who teach students with severe disabilities. She assists them in such areas as procedural and compliance requirements, instructional materials and methods, and classroom management. She works with the special education mentors by providing training, support, and encouragement as they work closely with the new teachers. She also teaches and facilitates the new teacher and mentor trainings, as well as the IEP training strand.

Resource - Centerville El. - Lisa Wright