The Security Department works to provide a secure educational environment for all students, staff and patrons. The focus of the department is prevention through combined efforts, inspection and observation.

The school district partners with law enforcement agencies across the county. School Resources Officers, (SRO’s) through the security department, enhance the efforts of the school district, school administrators, and the court system to maintain a strong relationship and provide a safe environment.

The Security Coordinator conducts investigations, assist in any criminal issue or violation of district policy with school administrators, police agencies, and county prosecutors.

The department also investigates all traffic accidents involving district vehicles. This effort coordinates citations, drug testing, insurance documentation, and employee retraining and discipline recommendation.

Tracking of sex offenders around our schools through the state sex offender registry, and correspondence to these individuals is facilitated through the security coordinator.

This office has provided monetary benefits to the district in the way of collecting restitution for damages to district buildings by working closely with the Davis County Attorney’s office.