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How will teachers facilitate remote learning and digital instruction for students?

Teachers continue to prepare remote instruction for students. Principals and teachers will communicate with families regarding how that will operate. Remote learning will not occur during spring break (March 30-April 3).

What hours will school building’s be open? 

Students or parents need to make an appointment to access a school building. We strongly encourage students to learn at home during the soft closure, utilizing the instructional resources provided by their teacher. Because the district is following the Governor’s lead to reduce contact between individuals, appointments are necessary. All schools and district offices will be closed during spring break (March 30-April 3).

How will my students receive school lessons? 

Teachers may deliver instruction through Canvas or other platforms such as Google or email. The intent of the Governor’s order for the “soft closure” of schools is to curb the possibility of spreading coronavirus throughout the state. Parents will be strongly encouraged to keep students at home during the two-week dismissal. However, there may be instances where students may need to come to the school for instructional assistance or to access the internet or a computer. In these instances, students or parents must make an appointment.  

This should be a modified learning time for students in that they are not attending classes as usual. Enrichment learning activities and opportunities to catch up can be part of the learning opportunities. 

Will students still be able to get school breakfast and lunch? 

A single pick up of breakfast and lunch will be made available Wednesday, March 25 from 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Students will not have to report to the school they attend to obtain meals. All meals are free for children ages 1-18. Adult meals are $2 for breakfast and $3.40 for lunch.   

We do not have access to a computer or the internet, how can my student access school lessons? 

Principals will provide instructions on how students who do not have devices at home can check them out at school and accomplish their schoolwork. Students will be able to check those out by making an appointment with their school. Information on how to access internet service is available here.

Will Early Childhood Education Centers still be open? 

All childcare centers in district high schools will be closed. Employees and others whose small children receive childcare there will only be charged for the childcare that has already taken place. 

Will any school buses be available to transport students during the school dismissal? 

All bus routes will be cancelled during the “soft closure” period. 

Will students still go on scheduled student trips? 

All student trips have been cancelled. The district is currently working with travel agencies to try to refund monies parents already spent on student trips. Monies that were fundraised by students will not be reimbursed but will remain with the program that conducted the fundraising effort. If a payment was made through the Davis Education Foundation, please contact the Foundation.  

What sports events, tryouts, practices, activities are cancelled?  

All Utah High School Activities Association games and practices, as well as junior high school games, practices and tryouts, are cancelled until further notice. This includes practices and performances for assemblies, activities, musicals, plays, concerts, productions and banquets. 

What about driver’s education classes? 

Driver’s education classes will not be held during the soft closure.  

Will the district still hold the scheduled spring break? 

Spring Break will continue as previously scheduled March 30 through April 3. This will include all tracks in year-round schools. During spring break all schools and district offices will be closed. 

Will my student’s Individualized Educational Plan appointment take place? 

IEP appointments will continue but be adjusted to fit within the building schedule. 

Will any school counselors be available to students? 

Counselors may be available for students who need help or are struggling with the situation. Please make an appointment. 

What is the district doing to keep schools clean?

The custodial staff is sanitizing all touchpoints in schools every single night. Staff have cut in half their vacuuming and are taking the extra time to sanitize surfaces like doorknobs, drinking fountains, bathroom faucets, etc.

I (or someone I know) attended a Jazz game recently, what is the chance that I have contracted the virus?

The Utah Department of Health has released these guidelines. 

How do we keep our students and families from getting the virus?

Please continue to review with students the following practices:

• Cover noses and mouths with an elbow or a tissue when coughing or sneezing and throwing the tissue in the trash after using it.

• Wash hands often with soap and water, especially before eating and after coughing or sneezing. Alcohol-based hand cleaners are also effective, but soap and water are highly available.

• Avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth, as germs can more easily gain entrance into the body through those areas.

• Stay home from school, work and other social gatherings when ill and being vigilant when it comes to making sure a child or children are healthy as they attend school. 

• Cease traditional social greetings such as handshakes, high-fives, fist bumps, hugs and elbow-touching as they are not prudent given the heightened risk of disease transmission