Playground Highlights

Playground Inspection Highlights

The highest priority of the Davis School District is to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for our students. We have developed an excellent way to help do this.

The Davis School District has prepared a Playground Safety Checklist in order to be in compliance with the Playground Safety Compliance Plan mandated by State Risk Management.

The checklist is to be completed by one or more of the following individuals:

The principal, playground aid, child development/day care teacher, or the school custodian.
The assignment for this task should be directed by the principal.

To be in full compliance, playground inspections need to be conducted as follows:

Daily: A visual walk-around inspection at the beginning of each school day. This needs to be done because the District has little control of how the play equipment is being used or abused during off-school hours. No telling what the little darlings are doing to the equipment when there is no supervision.

Particular attention should be paid after a weekend or holiday.

Weekly: Complete the checklist and keep it on file at the school.

Monthly: Complete the checklist, and send a copy to the District Safety Compliance office, to the attention of Brandon Peck

Very Important: The inspections must be documented in writing on the checklist form. If you conducted the inspection, but did not write it down, it didn’t happen.

Questions concerning playground safety should be directed to Brandon Peck, 402-5215.

Completed checklist may be sent by FAX to Brandon Peck at 402-5341.


Playground Inspection Checklist