• This program has been developed to ensure the district's compliance with federal, state and local regulations as it applies to toys, pillows, and furniture in schools.

    Our goal is to protect our students from illnesses, diseases, and parasites that students may be exposed to while attending our schools. Teachers and advisors are expected to be familiar with the health and safety regulations applicable to their area of responsibility.


    • All toys handled by children that have been in their mouths or exposed to other body fluids must be disinfected at least daily, more often, if necessary, with a non-soap disinfectant solution. (Available from the district warehouse)
    • Toys must be completely submersed in the disinfectant solution and allowed to air dry.
    •  Before toys are purchased or brought into our schools, please evaluate them for the   ease and the ability to thoroughly disinfect them. 
    • Toys must be evaluated for size and small parts that may become disengaged from the toy and become a choking hazard for small children. Please make sure they are age appropriate as per the manufacturer's recommendations. 
    • Damaged toys that pose or create a hazard shall be removed and discarded. Please do not try to repair broken toys.  
    • Larger toys or play apparatus that cannot be submersed, shall be disinfected at least weekly by wiping with the disinfectant solution and a disposable cloth.

    •  Pillows must have a permanent plastic cover, provided by the manufacturer, to prevent body fluids from contaminating the pillow interior.
    • Plastic pillow cover shall be wiped down with a disinfectant at least weekly, and after each use.
    •  Linen pillowcases shall be removed and changed for laundering after each use.
    • Mattresses shall be protected by a cleanable, non-permeable cover. Covers shall be disinfected at least weekly.
    • Cot linens shall be changed after each use. Blankets shall be laundered at least weekly.

    • For sanitary reasons, furniture with fabric upholstery shall not be allowed in the schools where students have normal access, such as but not limited to, libraries, classrooms, foyers.
    • Sofas and chairs shall have a cleanable, non-permeable upholstery, such as naugahyde.
    •  Furniture with Micro-Fiber upholstery is acceptable.
    • Upholstered furniture must be of a commercial grade, treaded with a flame retardant, certified by the manufacturer. Please do not bring your old furniture from home. 
    •  A separate crib, cot, bed or mat shall be provided for each child who will be present during nap or rest periods.
    • Sleeping equipment shall be spaced a minimum of three feet apart to allow for easy access, adequate ventilation and ease of exiting.
    • In childcare centers, mats, mattresses, and cots shall have nonabsorbent surfaces with cleanable coverings. 
    • Mats and sleeping equipment shall be cleaned and sanitized weekly, and prior to use by another child.
    • Sheets and other mattress and cot covers shall be provided to each child daily and be laundered at least once weekly.
    • Each child shall have a sheet and blanket, or an acceptable alternative, that are stored separately from other children's when not in use and are clearly labeled.
    • The center shall provide a restful environment for sleeping times that includes subdued lighting, low noise levels, and freedom from distractions.
    • Infants shall sleep in equipment designed for them such as a crib, bassinet, porta-crib or play pen. Only one infant shall occupy any one piece of equipment at any time.
    • - Clothing used for "dress up" shall be kept in good repair and in a clean and sanitary condition.
    • - Dress up clothing shall be laundered on a weekly basis.