Emergency Preparation and Support

Davis School District takes proactive measures to protect the safety of all our students and staff members. DSD representatives participate with the Davis County Local Emergency Planning Committees and emergency management teams. The Davis School Board recently approved a resolution adopting a regional Natural Hazard Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan.

Each school and all DSD departments have Emergency Preparedness Plans in place. The plans are developed with the help of school staff members, Community Council leaders, as well as local law enforcement and fire service. Plans are reviewed and updated annually and after each time the plan is used to identify any potential deficiencies. These plans include procedures to respond to critical incidents such as fire, earthquakes, and lock downs. School personnel practice these drills regularly as per applicable code requirements.

Davis School District works in close collaboration with local, state and federal safety and emergency response personnel to develop and maintain plans for coping with a variety of emergency response situations. These plans involve efforts to protect all students while they are at school. DSD also provides key resources for facilities and transportation in large scale emergency response situations.

The actions taken during any type of emergency situation depend a great deal on the specifics of the event. For example, one or more schools may evacuate, loc down, or initiate a shelter-in-place response, according to the nature of the event. The main objective is the protection of the students and staff. School administrators have a variety of "tools" to use and have received training on how to work with each of these. The ability to remain flexible is a key component of each school's plan and of district wide preparations. Additionally, DSD would follow directions from public safety officials.

If you have questions about your school's emergency response and support process, please contact your principal. Everyone in Davis School District continues to work to make all our schools safe and secure environments for all our students.


Required elements for Your Emergency Preparedness Plan

The State Legislature adopted the 2009 International Fire Code and are in the process of reviewing the 2012 edition. There are a few new elements that need to be added to your school's emergency Preparedness Plan. Some of you already have these elements in your plans, but now it is a requirement for all schools.

The changes that need to be added to your plans are as follows:

Provide the procedure for reporting a fire or other emergency. (911 via phone)

Provide site plan indicating the following:

  • Evacuation assembly points
  • Locations of fire hydrants
  • Normal routes of fire department vehicle access. (Fire Lanes)

Provide floor plan identifying the locations of the following:

  • All main exits
  • Primary evacuation routes
  • Secondary evacuation routes
  • Manual fire alarm pull stations
  • Portable fire extinguishers
  • Hose stations (If you have any) These are usually found in older schools or multi-story schools and larges stages.
  • Fire alarm annunciator panels and controls
  • Location of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) file

A list of major fire hazards associated with the normal used of the building. (gasoline and flammable chemical storage)

A procedure for evacuating individuals with special needs

Lockdown plans shall include the following:

  • The plan shall include instructions for reporting an emergency that requires a lockdown.
  • The plan shall include accountability procedures for staff to report the presence or absence of students or staff.
  • The plan shall include a prearranged signal or procedure for returning to normal activity.
  • The plan shall include an approved means of two-way communication (land-line, cell phone, walkie-talkie, intercom) between a central location and each secured (locked down) area.
  • A lockdown drill shall take place at least once during the school yearl.
  • A lockdown drill shall not be substituted for a required fire drill.

If anyone is in need of the Emergency Preparedness Plan template, please contact the District Risk Management Office and we will e-mail it to you.