Vaccinations not mandated

Preparing a vaccination

Vaccination for COVID-19 is strongly recommended as the primary mitigation strategy. The Davis School District encourages vaccinations, but also recognizes individual choice. Currently the vaccine is only offered to those 5 years of age and older.

The school district and health department will offer vaccination clinics in area school buildings. Again, the district recognizes individual choice. Vaccinations will not be given without parental approval.

If someone chooses to be vaccinated, they are considered fully immune or protected from the virus 2 weeks after their final dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

• Two-dose vaccines: 2 weeks after the 2nd shot (both shots are needed to be fully protected).
• One-dose vaccines: 2 weeks after shot (only one shot is needed to be fully protected).

Individuals can get vaccinated as soon as they are no longer in isolation or quarantine and don’t have any symptoms of COVID-19.