Preface: Introducing the 'Big Five'

Student climbing on bus

The following sections will provide you additional details regarding the Davis School District’s “Big Five” approach to operating schools while COVID-19 exists in the community.

Those five aspects are: Hygiene Etiquette, Stay Home When Sick, Face Covering, Physical Distancing and Clean & Disinfect.

Please be aware there is no such thing as a “COVID-free zone” in our classrooms or schools. The more people congregate in society — no matter where that takes place — the more opportunity there is for the virus to spread. COVID-19 exists everywhere and, at this point in time, no vaccine has been developed.

That being said, representatives from the Davis School District and the Davis County Health Department have been meeting at least weekly since Feb. 27.

The information on this site — if adhered to by all involved — will provide the best measures to not only prevent the spread of the virus, but also give us an opportunity to provide the best education we can for all students.

In a related note, the school district will continue to share information with you and also utilize this website as a way to provide additional resources. 

Click here to access a pdf version of the opening schools guide.

Click here for a Spanish translation of the opening schools guide.

Click here to view the opening plan submitted to the state.