Physical Distancing

Students at lunch

One of the ways to curb the spread of COVID-19 is to physically distance from one another. The rule of thumb is to maintain 3 feet of distance between individuals If that distance is maintained, the virus is less likely to be passed from one person to another.

Of course, physical distancing is challenging in a school where classroom walls cannot be moved.

Lunch service

Students will be distanced as much as possible. In elementary schools, lunch will be scheduled by grade level, if possible, with tables sanitized between each seating. In secondary schools, tables will be spaced.

Layout modifications

Teachers may also put forth efforts to distance students from one another. They may be able to distance desks farther apart than normal. Those with larger class sizes may not be able to do that.

Teachers may choose to have students face the same direction rather than facing one another and remove reading corners, etc. to optimize space. In elementary schools, students will wash their hands before attending classes held in common spaces — InfiniD labs, computer labs, art and music — and be given a disinfecting wipe to clean all surfaces at their station before beginning the lesson. Library visits also will be scheduled.