Face Coverings

Student exiting the bus

Face coverings encouraged

Wearing a face mask to protect oneself and others from COVID-19 is strongly encouraged. Staff, students and volunteers can choose to wear a face mask throughout the day. Schools have face masks available for those who would like to wear a mask and do not have one with them.

No face mask mandate

House Bill 294 eliminated all mask mandates established during the 2020-21 school year. House Bill 1007 also states face masks cannot be mandated. This means no educational entity can require K-12 students to wear masks.


While there is no mandate to wear face coverings in the Davis School District, there may be times when a bus route requires masks to be worn. For instance, anyone transported on Hill Air Force Base (HAFB) is required to wear a face mask.

Also, depending on the destination of particular field trips — such as Starbase on HAFB — those transported may be required to wear face masks at the place they are visiting. Schools will inform parents beforehand when those situations arise. If parents do not want their children to wear masks, those students will remain at school.