Clean & Disinfect

Cleaning schedule

Cleaning a classroom

The district will implement a multi-step cleaning protocol in all schools, to include daily disinfection of touchpoints — drinking fountains, handrails, door handles, sinks, toilets, partition walls and locks. Other daily disinfection will include bathroom floors, student desks and chairs, locker handles and computer mice and keyboards.  If there is a concern of possible contamination, buildings will be electrostatically sprayed using a powerful hypochlorous acid that carries an EPA kill claim for COVID-19 and other viruses.

Lunch rooms tables will be disinfected by lunch room monitors, custodians and nutrition staff between each lunch group. Playground equipment will be disinfected twice a day; once after morning recess and again after lunchtime recess. High touchpoints on school buses, such as the backs of seats and handrails, will be wiped down and sprayed with disinfectant after each riding group. Bathrooms will be cleaned while class is in session.

Shared objects

Students will have assigned classroom seating and will sanitize their own space upon arrival with a cleaner. Students will clean all shared hard surfaces such as desks, computers or other equipment when entering and exiting the classroom. Elementary students will be given a disinfecting wipe to clean all shared supplies in STEM, music and art activity spaces.

Lockers will not be used in secondary schools to prevent congregating of students. Students will be allowed to bring backpacks to class in order to keep their belongings separated from others.

Air handling & filters

Davis School District Utilities and HVAC departments will implement guidelines to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, which includes increasing outside airflow throughout buildings, moving to a higher efficiency filtration level in HVAC equipment and running HVAC equipment two hours before and after building occupancy.