Opening guidelines

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Davis Learns Together

District plan to safely open schools in the fall during COVID-19 pandemic

Opening Guidelines

Letter from the Superintendent

Hello Davis School District families,

We hope that your summer is in full swing and that you are enjoying a nice break and time spent together.  As we prepare to begin what we hope to be the very best school year we have ever had, we want to communicate significant information relative to how school will look this year.

We LOVE school! Children NEED school! Students thrive in safe, structured and nurturing environments. Currently, we are planning a normal school opening on August 25. Our hope is to keep school “in the building” through a shared commitment from students, teachers, families, and staff by preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Together with the Davis County Health Department, we have developed guidance for the opening of school with all students having the opportunity to attend on a regular schedule.  However, we realize as the state relaxes restrictions, the risk of infection and the corresponding need to follow health guidelines increases.

The following guidelines are intended to provide protection for our employees, students, and community.  

What we will do as school and district personnel:

  • Mitigate risk/spread by encouraging physical distancing, proper hand hygiene, sanitization, wearing masks, staggering class start and release times, hallway flow adjustments, adjusting lunch times and seating, recess modifications and spacing of students in common areas.
  • Be aware of illness/symptoms in the student body and contact a student’s family immediately if a student exhibits symptoms.
  • Monitor positive COVID-19 cases and its spread in Davis District, and follow — as we would with any community health concern — the recommendation of health department officials regarding school closures, modified school schedules or in-school adjustments.
  • Continue to refine our digital curriculum to meet the needs of distance learning as it arises.
  • Modify our method of delivery, however necessary, to ensure the health and well-being of students and staff.

What you can do:

  • Understand that these guidelines are determined by health, educational and civic professionals commissioned to care for your child, considering the physical environment, time spent in school, and the potential risk to the health of our students, staff and families.
  • Keep your child home if they have a fever, cough, cold or flu symptoms, and have them return only when these symptoms have subsided.  
  • Talk to your child about changes they may notice at school, reinforcing that these measures are in place to preserve their health, and the health of those around them.
  • Send your child to school with a mask and encourage them to wear it.
  • As always, please reinforce the importance of respecting the authority of teachers and staff to maintain order in the classroom, the hallway, and other campus areas.
  • Prepare as much as possible to adapt to change. As evidenced this past spring, things evolve quickly, and schedule modifications and/or closures may be unavoidable.
  • Recognize you can choose traditional face-to-face school or online options and, as always, we are happy to assist you with your child’s educational needs.
  • Know that you as a guardian and parent have the right to keep your child home at any time as you assess risk as it relates to your family.

Also, if you would like your child — for any reason — to not attend school in a traditional on-campus setting, the Davis School District has two fully online school options.

  • First, your student could enroll in Davis Connect K-12 Online School, where students will work online with a teacher during school hours.  All teachers for Davis Connect K-12 Online School will be Davis District teachers, but they will not likely be teachers from a student’s resident school.
  • Second, your student could enroll in Davis Connect K-12 Independent Study, where students will work online independently at their own pace with active parent support. Students who choose either of these options will be withdrawn from their current school and enrolled full-time in Davis Connect, with the opportunity to re-enroll at their original school at the beginning of each new term. Priority enrollment is available now until August 1, after which enrollment requests will be granted based on program availability.  For more information about online options and to enroll, please visit:

Overall, circumstances will likely vary from school to school and program to program, each with unique challenges and solutions. Specific school details will be communicated to you directly by the administration of the school your child attends.  

As an extension of the “Davis Learns Together” plan — which was released April 6, 2020 — the focus for opening school this fall will be on “The Big Five:” Hygiene Etiquette, Stay Home When Sick, Cloth Face Mask, Physical Distancing, and Clean and Disinfect.  When taken together, “The Big Five” will provide protection from COVID-19 while enabling our schools to resume a more traditional operation.

The information that follows will provide you more details about “The Big Five” focus. Please read it thoroughly, and please know we are making every effort to provide the best educational experience possible. We ask for your support through this process.

Reid Newey