Urgent Phase


  • Schools are in a soft closure.
  • Students and most staff are not in our buildings.
  • Remote learning is taking place.
  • Waiver granted by the Utah State Board of Education.
  • Attendance protocol established (see more on attendance in the left menu link).
  • Grading converted to districtwide scale (see more on grading in the left menu link).


Reduce spread of COVID-19:

  • Dismiss students from traditional school attendance
  • Limit all gatherings (of students and employees) according to guidelines from state and local health departments
  • Allow staff to work remotely where possible and according to direction from their supervisors
  • Provide individual assistance to students/families by appointment only
  • Record a log of all students, parents, and staff who enter the school building

Provide remote learning opportunities for students:

  • Provide remote learning experiences for students
  • Focus learning experiences on highest priority learning standards
  • Adjust testing and grading procedures to accommodate unique changes to educational delivery
  • Extend efforts to meet the needs of students with disabilities or other at-risk students
  • Provide credit remediation for students needing credit to graduate

Continue essential services for students and families:

  • Provide computers or other needed technology for students to use during remote learning
  • Continue other services to students/families where possible, including:

     o Grab-and-go breakfast and lunch services
     o School counseling services
     o Technology support services
     o School and district administrative services

We don't want to eliminate a student's opportunity to achieve at a high level, but yet we want no failure for students out of this crisis — this health crisis that's come to them, not by their choice or anyone's choice.

Supt. Reid Newey