Stabilization Phase

We are currently in the end of the stabilization phase (see highlighted text for current status):

Stabilization phase


Address the needs that will arise if schools open prior to end of the school year

  • Continue remote learning procedures for students who are not able to attend upon reopening
  • Provide a blend of in-person and remote learning options to meet the needs of all students
  • Assess and begin to remediate learning gaps
  • Provide students with opportunities to remediate grades or credit as needed
  • Prioritize any rescheduling of cancelled school events

Attend to end-of-year procedures

  • Provide diploma delivery and graduation (may be modified from traditional graduation services)
  • Collect all materials (books, technology, etc.) from students and staff
  • Post student grades for 4th term according to adjusted grading criteria
  • Conduct end-of-year teacher check-out procedures
  • Conduct hiring procedures for upcoming year
  • Attend to summer building security needs

We can't come out of this with family's damaged or stressed and be part of that stress. It doesn't coincide with our No. 1 goal of safety.

Reid Newey