Recovery Phase

Throughout the summer, the district is moving into the recovery phase.

Recover phase


Restore and expand delivery of educational services:

  • Open all schools and classrooms with an enhanced school-based instructional model
  • Capitalize on expanded teacher and student capacity for personalized and competency-based learning
  • Embed digital tools in regular classroom instruction to develop/maintain student and teacher capacity
  • Expand work on priority standards and personalized, competency-based learning
  • Assess and remediate any gaps in credit or learning that linger from the closure of the prior year (particularly important early in the school year)
  • Continue extended efforts to meet the needs of students with disabilities and other at-risk students.

Engage in prevention efforts and preparation for future school closures: 

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of every school and department during the closure and make adjustments to procedures as needed
  • Identify ways to conduct school in a safer and more hygienic way
  • Continue to instruct staff and students on disease prevention and habits of healthy living
  • Develop ongoing plans for remote learning

     o For use with individual students in typical school structure
     o For use with all students in case of school closure
     o For short-term or long-term implementation

We are going to adopt some new ways of doing business that we have gained on in this health crisis.

Supt. Reid Newey