Implementation of these grading procedures is required in all secondary (7-12) Davis School District classes during 4th term 2020. Elementary grading will remain unchanged for 4th term 2020.

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  • To provide an accurate report of student learning on prioritized standards during 4th term 2020.
  • To afford students and teachers flexibility considering the unanticipated challenges of remote learning.


  • Teachers are expected to establish a grading scale which gives due consideration to students during remote learning. A typical grading scale with common failing grades (based on a 60% criterion) is not appropriate.

Grading Scale

  • Letter grades (A, A-, B+, B, etc.) will be awarded according to calculation methods and cut scores established by teachers with a few modifications.
  • Modifications:
    o Students will have the option of requesting a P (passing) grade to replace a traditional letter grade (except F).
    o No F grades will be awarded during 4th term 2020. Any grade that would have been an F will automatically be replaced with an I (incomplete).
    o The table below identifies the grades a student may earn as well as the effect on graduation credit (9th-12th grade) and GPA (term and cumulative).
Grade Yields credit Affects GPA
A, A- B+, B, B- C+, C, C-
D+, D, D-
Yes Yes
F Not available for 4th Term 2020  
P Yes No
I No No


Additional Information on P Grades

  • Beginning May 11, 2020, P grades can be requested as a replacement for any grade (except F or I).  Requests for P grades will not be considered prior to May 11, 2020.
  • Requests for P grades will be submitted by a student’s parent/guardian in the myDSD portal.  A paper request form will be available in the school counseling office if myDSD is not available/accessible to a parent.
  • P grades requested prior to the end of the term will show on the 4th term report card.
  • After the end of the term, students may work through their school’s process for grade changes to replace a P grade with the appropriate earned letter grade.  This opportunity will be extended through September 29, 2020.
  • If students or parents are concerned about scholarships, NCAA eligibility, or college admission requirements, they should consult a school counselor before submitting a request for a P grade.

Additional Information on I Grades

  • I grades will be awarded instead of F grades for every 7-12 class during 4th term 2020.
  • If procedures for awarding I grades already exist in a class, those procedures may be followed as well.
  • An I grade awarded during 4th term 2020 will not automatically convert to an F grade after a period of time.  It will remain as an I on the transcript unless modified by grade change or grade replacement procedures.
  • Students may work through their school’s credit remediation or grade change processes to replace an I grade with the appropriate earned letter grade or a P grade. This opportunity will be extended through September 29, 2020.


  • No citizenship grades will be given during 4th term 2020.

Other Notes

  • The Utah Board of Regents has authorized the district to utilize alternative (non-letter) grades such as a P grade.  The grading structure outlined above is approved for use in university concurrent enrollment (CE) courses.
  • These grading requirements apply only to 4th term 2020.
  • These grading requirements will continue to apply even if school is reopened prior to the end of the school year.