Reporting student participation in remote learning

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  • To inform school efforts for needed student/parent outreach and assistance in remote learning.
  • To create a districtwide indicator for participation in remote learning experiences.

Procedure (beginning the week of April 6th)

  • Teachers will monitor student participation in remote learning each day of scheduled instruction.
  • The attendance system is repurposed to be the data system for remote learning participation.
  • On the last instructional day of the week (Thursday or Friday) teachers will use the attendance system to report the week’s participation according to the rubric below.
Attendance Code Student participation level
A The student did not participate in remote learning during the week
L The student had limited participation in remote learning during the week
Blank The student participated in remote learning during the week


Additional Guidance

  • The report is recorded by the teacher once each week, but it represents the whole week of remote learning.
  • This is not a report of the quality or quantity of student learning. It’s simply a report on whether the student participated in the remote learning experience in some way.
  • A variety of indicators can be used to determine if a student participated in remote learning.  These may include (but are not limited to):
    o   Canvas, Teams or other discussion thread comments
    o   Emails, or other electronic messages
    o   Assignment submissions
    o   Completion of online modules (iReady, Aleks, Wonders, etc.)
    o   Teams, Zoom, Phone, or other calls
  • These procedures only apply to 4th term 2020.
  •  If school goes back into session prior to the end of the school year, these procedures will be replaced by typical daily attendance records.

Using the Information

  • Each week, schools will identify the students who had limited (L) or no (A) participation in remote learning the prior week and teachers and classroom aides will then reach out to students/parents to determine what assistance may be needed.
  • The outreach effort will be directed by the school principal.
  • Staff may be assigned by building administrators to assist faculty with the outreach effort. 
  • Possible questions to address with students/parents could include:
    o   Does the student need a computer or wifi access?
    o   Are teacher instructions for remote learning unclear to the student?
    o   Is the remote workload overwhelming (in terms of time or academic expectation)?
    o   Does the student need password, login, or other technical support?
    o   Does the student need other accommodations?

  • Schools will determine what support may be offered to address any barriers to remote learning.  Schools may request district assistance as needed.
  • School directors will ensure that each school has a functioning procedure for using the information as outlined above.
  • Data in the attendance system should not be used to determine citizenship grades for 4th term 2020.

Technical Notes

  • Automated letters and calls for chronic absenteeism (based on data in the attendance system) will be disabled during 4thterm 2020.
  • Attendance data will not be displayed in myDSD student/parent portal during 4th term 2020.
  • Upon conclusion of the school year, remote learning participation data will be extracted from the attendance system and retained in an alternate location.  Participation data will then be purged from the attendance system.