District COVID-19 Dashboard 

Davis School District has expanded its COVID-19 dashboard to include information on each of its 91 schools.

The expanded dashboard provides information regarding the education delivery model (full 4-day or remote), school enrollment and numbers of students and adults with active, confirmed COVID-19 cases. The number of positive cases is updated daily Monday through Friday. Click on the box labeled "View School Information" to view school-specific data.

The original dashboard with summary information remains intact and is updated weekly.  It will be posted by each Monday evening. The numbers can be searched by school type (elementary, junior high, high school, alternative), by school name, by city or by cluster. 

New threshold levels for schools to move into remote learning will be 1 percent for those with total populations above 1,500 (students and staff) and 15 for populations below 1,500. A classroom soft closure that results from 3 cases of individuals with the virus will only apply to elementary schools.

Numbers come directly from the Davis County Health Department.

Click on the double arrows on the bottom right side of Microsoft Power BI gray bar to view full screen.