Important update regarding Coronavirus response

Davis School District continues its “Big Five” approach to operating schools while COVID-19 exists in the community. Those five aspects are: Stay Home When Sick, Hygiene Etiquette, Physical Distancing, Clean & Disinfect and Face Coverings.

Please be aware there is no such thing as a “COVID-free zone” in our classrooms or schools. The more people congregate in society — no matter where that takes place — the more opportunity there is for the virus to spread. COVID-19 exists everywhere and, at this point in time, a vaccine is not available for our students under age 12. That being said, representatives from the Davis School District and the Davis County Health Department have been meeting on a regular basis since February, 2020. The district has created a guide to begin the school year.

It can be viewed here: Let's Stay Healthy Together

Espanol: ¡Estemos todos saludables!

Additional information about COVID-19 in schools:

All communications sent to parents can be accessed by clicking on District Communication in the left menu.

Davis School District is in regular contact with the Davis County Health Department and is continuously monitoring the situation. Up-to-date information can be found on the Utah Department of Health website .

Access the latest updates from the CDC through a link in the menu on the left.

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