Important update regarding Coronavirus response

Mask mandate still in place for K-12 schools

In some parts of the country, schools are just opening now. In Davis School District, schools opened in the fall, and that occurred because of your cooperation.

Even before schools opened, the district, last July, established a “Davis Learns Together” Plan in which it outlined an operational protocol that it has continued to follow. That protocol is “The Big Five” — involving practicing hygiene etiquette, staying home when sick, wearing face coverings, physical distancing when possible, and cleaning and disinfecting.

During the many months that have passed, the district has continued to follow the expertise and guidance provided by the State of Utah, Utah Department of Health and the Davis County Health Department. It has also adhered to State Public Health Orders (SPHO), including SPHO 2021-2 which involved an updated School Face Mask Order.  

That order, effective Jan. 21, 2021, stated “Each individual on school property or on a school bus shall wear a face mask … ,” except under circumstances when someone has received a face mask exception. That order remains in effect through June 15, 2021. SPHO 2021-2 is not effected by HB 294, which goes into effect on April 10.

In accordance with the above-referenced health order, schools will continue to operate as they have since the fall. If a student isn’t wearing a mask and does not have a face mask exception, he or she will not be able to remain at school. 

The adherence students have shown to the face mask protocol has been great, and we appreciate everything parents and students have done to continue to support us.

Our school district will continue to be a healthy and safe place, and, as we continue to work together, we will be able to end the school year as successfully as we started it. 

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