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Utah Digital Badges

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Check out the support website for information about Utah Digital Badges, including instructions, how-to videos, and more.

Utah Digital Badges Support Website

What is a Digital Badge? 

Digital badges, also known as microcredentials, represent evidence-based instructional skills or concepts. A digital badge is proof that the badge-earner has demonstrated that she effectively and consistently uses the target skill or concept as a part of her instructional practice.

Who Can Earn a Digital Badge?

Any educator in Utah’s K-12 public education system can earn U-Badges. This includes
educators in both district schools and charters. We strive to develop badges that can be earned by educators in a range of roles, including classroom teachers, instructional coaches,
counselors, administrators, etc.

Why Earn Digital Badges?

Digital badges give the badge-earner two things: bragging rights and USBE credits. You’ll
want to post your badges for others to see on social media and include them on your resume so employers can see your skillset. U-Badges are worth either 0.25 or 0.5 USBE credits, depending on the skill or concept they represent.