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My PL is exactly what it's name says. Professional Learning opportunities individualized for you to take when at a time and place that's best for YOU. My PL courses are designed to build your own "playlist" of learning based on your needs and interests.

My PL is home to all types of professional learning opportunities. One of the professional learning opportunities you might be looking for are online learning experiences to brush up on best instructional strategies or refreshing on behavior management tips and tricks. Look no further! We have asynchronous courses available right now for you to start today!

Asynchronous courses are available to you to self-enroll anytime and can be completed on your own time frame. These asynchronous courses are facilitated by current classroom educators and will be there every step of the way through your professional learning journey. All courses use Canvas as the LMS and USBE credit is available for course completion. 

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This course is designed to familiarize educators, principals, school counselors and other school support staff with restorative practices and how they align with practices in SEL and PBIS. Restorative Practices are about a shift in mindset from punishing to helping individuals repair harm caused by their actions. Restorative practices shifts away from a punitive system of blame This course will help teachers begin making the shift from traditional behavior management programs to classrooms that run and thrive on restorative justice.

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