Friday 15

Join us for FRIDAY 15! These short webinars will cover effective strategies and tools to help you and your students with hybrid learning. Participation is completely voluntary. Join the live broadcast or come back later and watch the session recording. You will able to access each session later on Stream to watch and re-watch for your convenience. 


We'll see you on Friday! 

May 21 PCBL Belinda Kuck Archived Link
May 14 LETRS for Elementary Teachers Angie Morales & Julie Barlow Archived Link
May 14 Learning First System for Secondary Teachers Tyson Grover Archived Link
May 7 Using Icons to Help Students Navigate Canvas Breanna Eckersley Archived Link
April 23 Humanizing the Feedback Loop Austin Green Archived Link
April 16 Level Up! Using Badges to Increase Student Engagement Part II Iain Harvey

Archived Link

April 9 Level Up! Using Badges to Increase Student Engagement Part I Victoria Hansen Archived Link

March 5


Canvas Mastery Paths

Take your Canvas course to the next level with Mastery Paths giving your students an even more personalized learning path. BONUS! Lisa will also be sharing tips on how to use Chrome extensions to enhance the speedgrader experience. 

Lisa Lomax Archived Link

February 26


Adding competition and games to your class can increase engagement and retention. Come learn about a few tools that will help you add more games to your classroom! 

Kate Williams Archived Link


February 19

Teams Breakout Rooms Sheri Dean Archived Link

February 12

My PL - Personalized Professional Learning

The new and improved online personalized professional learning platform. Join this session to learn how to access all My PL courses, how to earn USBE credit, and how to do it at your own pace and in your own place. 

Danielle  Summers Archived Link


February 5

Stream! The Intelligent Video Service

Join Hollie Fisher as she shares how to use all of the cool features Stream has to offer! Stream is the Intelligent Video Service to know for today's classroom.

Hollie  Fisher

Archived Link


January 29

Utah Microcredentials

Ready for the WHAT, WHY, WHEN, AND HOW of Utah Microcredentials? We'll share all the tips and tricks on how to earn your TWO FREE microcredentials. You won't want to miss this episode of Friday 15. 

Daron Kennett Archived Link

January  22

Save Your Sanity! 

Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of online grading you have piled up? Learn how to effectively use outcomes and rubrics in Canvas and save yourself from grading mania.  

Cortnie Bain

Archived Link

Archived Link


January   15


 Organized! Make Your Canvas Course Spark Joy

How to effectively organize your Canvas courses and content to keep you and your students on top. 

Thomas Holbrook

Archived Link

Archived Link

January     8



 Using Genially to Engage Every Student

Need an interactive presentation for your students? Maybe thought about trying gamification to  engage more of your students? Join Courtney Atkin and Alberto Herraez Velazquez as they    show how to use and incorporate Genially into your classroom. You won't regret joining this Friday 15!

Courtney Atkin

Alberto Herraez Velazquez

Archived Link

Archived Link

December 11


Trauma Informed Instruction

Join Liz Sharp as she shares how to effective implement trauma informed instruction into your classroom. Use the following link to access Liz's PowerPoint

Liz Sharp

Archived Link

Archived Link

December 4



   Equity During Hybrid and Remote Learning 

Meeting the needs of every learner in our classroom can be a challenge in everyday learning. Having equitable learning experiences for all students during hybrid and remote learning is even more challenging. Join Caray Long and Bianca Mittendorf as they share tips on how to successfully provide equal opportunities for all students in remote and hybrid learning.

Caray Long

Bianca Mittendorf

Archived Link

Archived Link

November 20



 Supporting EL Hybrid Learners

Join Heidi Meiners and Connie Ziegler as they share ways to support your English Language Hybrid Learners. Heidi and Connie show how to access Imagine Learning, a brilliant resource available to all of your EL students and many other strategies and ideas on how to best support your EL students.

Heidi Meiners

Connie Ziegler

Archived Link

Archived Link

November    13


  Canvas Studio: Making and Creating Videos within Canvas

Join Natalie Knowlton as she shares how to use Canvas Studio and vetted tips and tricks to make video making by you and your students a seamless and fun process.

Natalie Knowlton

Archived Link

Archived Link

November 6



 Fostering and Assessing the Mathematical Practice Standards

Join Davis School District's amazing math specialist interns, Celeste Harding, Jennifer Walker, and Trish Syversen as they share how to foster and assess the standards for mathematical practices.

Trish Syversen 

Celeste Harding

Jennifer Walker

Archived Link

Archived Link

October  23


 Personalized Learning Strategies

In this Friday 15, Carol Nef shares ways to personalize learning for your students in the classroom and in remote learning. Join to hear Carol's top ways to engage your students online. 

Carol Nef

Archived Link

Archived Link

October    9


 Advanced + New Canvas Features

Lisa Lomax, Canvas Queen of Davis School District, shares the newest features released by Canvas and how to use them effectively in your classroom. 

Lisa Lomax

Archived Link

Archived Link

October    2


 Making Video Meetings Work

Join Allison Riddle in the newest episode of Friday 15 as she shares tips and tricks on making video meetings work.

Allison Riddle

Archived Link

Archived Link

September    25



 SEL Strategies to Support Anxious and Overwhelmed Learners (and Teachers!)

Join Devin Healey, Davis District's Tiered Support Coordinator, as he discusses ways to support anxious and overwhelmed learners and where to find tools to implement SEL practices in your classroom.

SEL Team

Archived Link

Archived Link

September  18


 Strategies to Help Students Engage and Participate on Canvas

In this Friday 15 Episode from September 18, 2020, Ian Harvey shares strategies to help students engage and participated on Canvas.

Iain Harvey

Archived Link

Archived Link