P.1 Articles

P.1  Analyzes and uses ongoing assessment data to guide instructional planning.

Lessons from the Data Wise Project 

(Harvard Education Publishing Group, June 1, 2013)

An article about intentional steps teachers can take to make data work for informing instructional practice and improve learning for their students. Using the ACE habits of mind which stand for Action, Assessment, Adjustment, intentional Collaboration, and a relentless focus on Evidence, teachers can make real improvements in learning.

Using Student Achievement Data to Support Instructional Decision 

(National Center for Education Evaluation & Regional Assistance, September 2009)

An article published by NCEE to assist teachers in making data an integral part of their instruction. This also includes practical applications for teachers and potential roadblocks when using data to drive instruction.


Data Driven Teachers

(University of Minnesota, May 2005)

An article published by STLI to assist educators to constantly analyze what they do and adjust to get better, so students learning will improve. Data is meaningless if it does not result in meaningful instructional change.

Principles of Data-Driven Instruction


Article that outlines a process for achieving data-driven instruction to improve student learning.