Secretary Information

Time Cards

Admin/Educator and Classified Employee timecards will no longer be available through the warehouse. You will need to order the cardstock or paper (whichever you prefer) to print off your own. The PDF is fillable so that you can enter your information before printing or print them blank. Special Education/Title 1 and Building Rental timecards will still be available through the warehouse and not online. Here are the SKU # for the paper needed:

Administrator/Educator (Click to Download)

  • Salmon Paper 01020500
  • Salmon Index 01032500

Classified Employee(Click to Download)

  • Canary Paper #01020700
  • Canary Index #01031800

SPED/Title 1 #01024151

Building Rental #01024154

Extra Office and Mobility Hours Trackers

Certified Time Card Fillable.pdf Salmon Color

Classified Time Card Fillable.pdf Yellow Color

Federal Time card.pdf Green Color

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