The Davis School District Payroll Department, along with Utah Retirement Systems (URS) is the place for all your retirement needs.

Preparing to Retire Pamphlet from URS

If you are planning to retire sometime during this school year or next, please makes sure to read through the checklist.

Tier 1 Retirement Checklist 

Tier 2 Retirement Checklist

This essential document will inform you of everything that needs to be done before, during, and after your retirement from the Davis School District. 

Utah Retirement Systems Website


NBS Forms

Retirement Forms

URS 401k and 457 Plan Enrollment Complete this form if you would like to start deducting money for a 401k and 457 retirement plan with Utah Retirement Systems (URS). Do not fill this out if you are already enrolled in a 401k or 457 plan.

URS 401k and 457 investment Contract  Complete this form if you are already deducting money for a 401k or 457 plan with URS and would like to make changes. Please note that if you are only changing the amount that you would like deducted, you can make that change online through the Payroll Management system. Click on the deductions link under the Update Payroll Info tab.

URS Change Form: Change your personal information, such as name, address, and/or marital status with URS.

URS Beneficiary Designation: Change or update your beneficiary information and designation amounts with URS.

District Retirement Contacts

Amy Dobson

Amy Dobson


Cindy Chambers

Cindy Chambers