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Meet the OEO Team

Dr. Fidel Montero

Fidel Montero
Assistant Superintendent

OEO Director Darrin Nash

Darrin Nash
OEO Director

OEO Assistant Director Benjamin Hill

Benjamin Hill
OEO Assistant Director

Lisa Frost

Lisa Frost
Title IX Coordinator
(801) 402-8706

Jasey Fatongia

Jasey Fatongia
OEO District Coordinator  (801) 402-8713

Raul Sanchez

Raul Sanchez
OEO District Coordinator
(801) 402-8707

Christopher Carpenter

Christopher Carpenter     OEO District Coordinator
 (801) 402-8708

Patricia John

Patricia John
OEO School Coordinator
(801) 402-8710

Koa Lum
OEO School Coordinator      (801) 402-8709

Alison Sorensen
OEO School Coordinator

Lynsay Larson
OEO Paralegal

Holly DeCarolis

Holly DeCarolis
Office Manager
(801) 402-8704

File a complaint using the link in the banner or call using the number below to file a HARASSMENT or District COMPLAINT: