Office of Equal Opportunity

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The Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) is responsible for:

  • Responding to, investigating, and resolving complaints of student-on-student and staff-on-student harassment and discrimination (Policy 11IR-100).

OEO staff includes a Director, District Coordinators, and School Coordinators.  

  • District and School Coordinators will investigate all alleged complaints of harassment and discrimination in accordance to District Policy Section 11 (11IR-100).

Its duties include:

  • Overseeing the District’s handling of alleged complaints of harassment and discrimination.
  • Evaluating the District’s responses to complaints and determining if additional supports, resources, or training is necessary.
  • Implementing programs and procedures to address any hostile environments related to or arising from harassment and discrimination and ensure students have equal access to opportunities.
  • Conducting outreach to parents, including educating parents on the district’s policy and the procedures for submitting a complaint, through parent nights, and other community building events.
  • Educating students and training staff on recognizing, reporting, responding to, and preventing harassment and discrimination and the District’s related policies and procedures for responding to harassment and discrimination.

(2023 First Annual MAC Conference)

MissionThe Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) aims to foster school environments where every student is valued and respected, protected from harassment and discrimination, and has equal access to learning and opportunities. The OEO will appropriately respond to complaints of racial and other harassment and discrimination. 


Every student in Davis School District will feel safe socially and emotionally, respected, and valued; have a sense of belonging; and be empowered to achieve academic excellence in their various learning environments. OEO will collaborate with parents, students, staff, and community stakeholders to create and maintain a District free from racial and other harassment and discrimination. We believe by operating with intentionality to support the development of culturally responsive practices district-wide, we can create and sustain educational equity and excellence.

Call for a Harassment or discrimination complaint with the office of equal opportunity.